“The architect must flee the self-celebration and set the client’s success as only goal: only then he will be able to create that cultural affinity with his ‘Prince’ that will allow him to support the central role that every architectural project, complex or not, must have.”

Gianni Zuccon

In 1978 spouses Gianni and Paola Zuccon launched their first project ever, the Technema 65 designed for Posillipo shipyard, at the Genoa International Boat Show. The success went beyond every expectation. Since then, Zuccon International Project firm became one of the world’s key name in the yachting industry.

Nowadays the brand is renown worldwide for its work in different design fields, since they managed to turn their multidisciplinary approach into their greatest strength. Currently run by Martina and Bernardo Zuccon,  the new generation, the key to the firm success relies in the capability of creating long-term relationships with their clients with the aim of representing their corporate identity and striving to a constant evolution of the product.

Heritage Gallery

Zuccon International Project is an architecture and industrial design studio traditionally active in various fields, from office and civil architecture to yachting and automotive.